How I was Introduced to Kpop

First, I probably should mention that if it weren’t for my big sister, Sop, I would have never become a Kpop fan and I would have never known about Seventeen. Sop always used to come to me and show me Kpop videos and dances. In all honesty, it used to annoy me a little bit because I could never understand why she was always excited about Koreans singing and dancing, especially since she didn’t understand the language, but it pleased me to see that she wanted to share with me something she loved so much. So I stayed quiet and listened.

One day, I had a melody from a Kpop song that Sop showed me stuck in my head called Save Me by BTS. I enjoyed it so much that I would actually wait until everyone was out the house so I could go down to the kitchen and put it on high volume to listen to  it while I look for some food.  I ended up doing that from time to time and danced a lot. But even then, I never completely fell in love with Kpop. Save Me was just about the only song I would listen to. To me it was just another song with a cool beat and melody.

A couple weeks later, after having become a little more familiar with Kpop, Sop came to me with excitement saying, ” Anna, you are going to love this!”. I sat next to her on the kitchen bench with curiosity for what she was going to show me on her phone. She first explained to me that  she found a new Kpop group called “Seventeen” and when she saw their music video called Mansae she saw that one of the member didn’t seem all Korean and so she did some digging and had found out that the member was in fact half-Korean and half-American. Sop told me his name was Vernon and after watching the Mansae music video I could not believe the beauty this boy had possessed! Sop knew I would love him. From that day on I found it hard to stop thinking about Seventeen and the Mansae video. It took me almost three days of endless thought  until I found myself alone in the kitchen for another night. That night I listened to almost all their songs and had fallen in love with the group.


It was hard because, I have to admit, I really couldn’t tell them apart! But soon I got to learn who each member was. Also, the language difference didn’t bother me at all. I mean, after listening to save me by BTS for quite a while I had already gotten used to the language. In fact, I’ve gotten to love the language so much that I’ve already started learning it a bit with the help of a friend from school who is actually an international student from Korea and my Korean language book that I ended buying from a book store.

So, that’s how I came to know about Seventeen and that’s how I became a carat.


Here’s Seventeen’s Mansae music video:






My name is Anna. I am new to blogging so hopefully I can do a good job on this new blog that I’ve created.

This blog will consists of my experience as a fan of the kpop group called SEVENTEEN. If you know seventeen then hopefully you would already now that they’ve named their fans “carat” 💎 hence the blog’s name “seventeen’s carat”. (The name relates back to their first song called “shining diamonds” – check it out)

I will be posting things such as fan art, seventeen videos, memes and funny seventeen related things. These things may be done by me or other carats. I will let you know which ones are done by me. 

Hopefully you’ll enjoy this blog and your experience as a carat. Let’s stick together. Fighting! ✊